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Nadal: It's a prize for my most exciting year


Nadal: "It's a prize for my most exciting year"

Rafael Nadal made a lightning trip to Abu Dhabi to receive the Laureus award for best male athlete of 2010. El número uno atendió a los medios españoles desplazados. The number one Spanish media attended the displaced.

The Laureus is the recognition and, ultimately, a year of many achievements and awards: best for L'Equipe, the BBC ...

It is one of the most important prize for an athlete because those who vote are legends of the sport. It is the recognition of the most exciting year of my career.

How about nominees who has competed against?

Very special, so aspired to the highest award of the year. No words for Messi, Iniesta has accomplished something as difficult as winning a World Cup form with Pau Gasol Kobe a couple incredible to have won two rings ... And I follow boxing, Pacquiao less. For me it was an incredible year: three Masters 1,000, three Grand Slam, number one ... But I can not say that I deserve it more than others.

How is that fiber breakage suffered in Australia?

Quite recovered. Recent tests confirmed that it was less than what I expected and I hope that after the last exam that I will submit Tuesday in Barcelona may already be training on Thursday or, at most, next Monday to prepare for what lies ahead.

That failure was a nuisance ...

I have had a beginning of the year with a tad unlucky. I felt ready, it was over 2010 in London and work in December was good. In Abu Dhabi everything went perfect and then picked up the virus in Doha, I recovered well and in Melbourne I felt very tired physically, sweating a lot and not because of the shirt, I even put one wider! The problem was different. Against Cilic and I found a great level, but I broke against Ferrer.
I first come out to Belgium for the Davis.

Do you plan to play it all year?

You have to see how the year so I do not pose long-term. Competition is always very excited, especially, but that control is not conducive to competition that may be the best players. Hurts too much to play Davis Cup to your calendar. I love the environment, peer groups, but the International Federation should pose changes.

And then the hard court in the United States: Indian Wells and Miami, where he semi-finals and could add points to the stupidity that is then touched to defend ...

It is not add or subtract. It is this year took 450 points and the goal is to qualify for the Masters first. This is like a rubber band at the end of the year you can evaluate how it was. I have never thought the accounts, each tournament and start from zero sum earlier this year.

Are you more motivated Miami, a Masters 1,000 that has not won?

No, to all the tournaments I'm going with the same enthusiasm. It is true that Miami is a pity that he has not won. In 2005 I was close to Federer in 2008 was perfect and the final game with Davydenko was a disaster. Is a tournament that does not concern me wrong, though historically Indian Wells better. The goal is to make a good U.S. tour to get quiet earth.

What do you think the change of dates between tournaments in Rome and Madrid?

It seems logical, it is no longer the last tournament before Roland Garros because it is the one with the most different conditions. The most resemble in terms of conditions are Paris and Monte Carlo, for land, for everything ... Now we are two tournaments remaining very attached dated Spanish, Barcelona and Madrid.

Australia can not be helped. "But I thought I was ready to win?

When I went to play the quarterfinals, was prepared. And in the final that Federer won in 2009, no, and yet won. I lost against a great David Ferrer and I'm glad his first season. I can only work and accept the moments that are not so easy with the same calm that I face good.

Still watching Roger Federer as his great rival this year? Or Djokovic and Murray may have taken a major boost with the final in Australia?

Hopefully this year are all competing for me. When your opponent is the final day. Things to do in a good season is not to lose games you should not lose and win you could win or lose. That is, against these opponents: Federer, Djokovic, Murray, Soderling, Berdych, Ferrer ... That is what makes a fantastic season, because the level is very similar and anything can happen. So you have to keep our feet on the ground, working each day and continue with enthusiasm and humility to accept that not always will play well. What brings you to a great season is the day to day.

Have you already completed the treatment with growth factors in their knees?

I have no problem, I am perfect, but I'm not a fortune teller.

How is Madrid?

Can not say the team is bad, but the club distorts the reality of Madrid. The season is a fantastic ... and Barcelona is out of the ordinary. Madrid template is young and ready to win anything. But when you're a rival and you can only applaud. Having someone as good in front also has positive things, I've had in front of the best in history, Roger Federer. There has been a lot agree with him, but it requires me to give one hundred percent. That forces you to improve. And Madrid has an opportunity to learn. Now, it becomes boring to watch someone play so well, and not misunderstand me. In the sense that they do everything so well that seems easy.

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