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Rafa Nadal also knows fun

Is the best. But it is a boy of 24 years like any other ... and more, when in Manacor, friends

By Neus Yerro 25 Feb. 2011

We think they are gods, beings from another planet, but they are human, like all of us. And, like everybody else they like to enjoy themselves and have fun in the little free time they enjoy. Rafa Nadal is no exception. The world number one also loves making bets: on his PlayStation matches, on the golfcourse... The payment of these bets usually involves the loser making an exhibition of himself in public: going down to the hotel lobby in his underpants - as happened to him in Paris some years ago when he was the 'greenhorn' in the group - , doing push-ups in a restaurant or at the end of a practice session at a Grand Slam...

This time it involved dancing in public. Last weekend he went out with his friends and headed for a bar in the center of Manacor, one of the ones usually frequented by the best tennis player in the world (the 'Bauxa' pub in Plaza de sa Bassa, according to the Diario de Mallorca). It was payback time: Rafa and Tomeu Salva - a close friend of Rafa's, former professional tennis player and currently trainer at the Manacor 'Centre de Tecnificació - having lost at golf some hours beforehand to Toni Ferrer, an amateur golfer, had to get up on one of the pub's bars and dance. Nadal is one of those who honours his bets.

As Rafa and his friends started to dance, they were accompanied by cheers, applause and flashes. Many took photographs to capture the day they coincided in the bar with the world's best tennis player. A photo to show their friends, to claim to have shared a moment of diversion with the number one, made to stand out by his friends as he himself is not much given to such exhibitions in public.

Rafa Nadal's last days out of competition are coming to an end because, from the moment he joins the Davis Cup team - next Sunday, to travel to Charleroi (Belgium) - it will be non-stop for him : a Nike promotional event in Oregan on the way to the Masters 1000 in Indian Wells; an exhibition in Bogota with Djokovic before another Masters 1000 in Miami, and then comes the claycourt season, when he plans to play in Montecarlo, Barcelona, Madrid and Roma before Roland Garros. Almost without stopping to take a breath.

Rafael Nadal: "long ago broken the monopoly"
The tennis player Rafael Nadal said "some time ago" that broke the monopoly that he shared with Roger Federer, which was monopolized the victories in major tournaments worldwide for some years.

This was expressed in statements to EFE, in which he said that since the first Grand Slam final of the season, played in Australia, was not present to both, a situation virtually unprecedented in recent years to the end the fourth major tennis tournaments worldwide.

Since 2006 until now have played twenty-one final Grand Slam tournaments and only two were present or not Federer or Nadal.

Both were produced in Australia and the Open winner of these was the late Serbian Novak Djokovic, who beat Jo Wilfred Tsonga (2008) and Andy Murray (2011).

"In 2005, maybe 2006 or 2007 there was a little more than monopoly, but it was for him. I was there, but a little less. I do believe that some time has broken this monopoly. There are many players ready to be here, "insisted the Mallorcan tennis.

When he was asked about a possible relief on top of world tennis, Nadal said: "Two years ago it was said that Federer was dead and eventually ended up number one, winning two Grand Slam and playing the final four."

"We have a little patience and wait to see how things evolve," he added.

"This is not to say that there may be a change for the other two - Djokovic and Murray - are very good. Moreover, not only they, there are other, "says Nadal, who questioned about the young players who have broken the circuit, said that Nadal has not seen" many new values "

"Obviously it is Raonic, Canadian, who has started very well and is in Dimitrov, who are two young men who have risen more," he said.

"I can not say that Murray and Djokovic are young people who have broken the circuit for three years as third and fourth in the world, and I, after all, I am just a year older than them," he said between laughs.

After reappeared in the Davis Cup tie against Belgium next week, Nadal will face the Miami Open in 1000, a few of these events has never won, but said that this detail is not a challenge.

"Miami is nothing special. For me it is a special day, every tournament. There have not won, but I've been twice in the final, Indian Wells also gave me good, "he said.

"Both of the other, are important. They are the first Masters 1000 season started well and gives wings because they are the first two tournaments of the year that really scored long after the Australian Open. Here is how you boot a long season that runs at Wimbledon. It is a very important part of the year, "he said.

Although it is still over a year to dispute the London Olympics, Nadal said he would love to repeat the experience that he enjoyed three years ago in Beijing, where he won the gold medal individually.

"I hope to be able to be there. Games that I lived in Beijing, ended up winning not because of, if not the experience that I lived there. It was a memorable Games and hopefully the can again. If I must be because I could not, because it is not wanted, "he said.

Despite the tight schedule, Nadal admitted that he tries to be "pretty on" their Facebook page, where it has a little over five and a half million fans.

"It is a communication channel and I'm pretty over it. I thank the fans who follow me there and they are on my page. It's nice to see so many people following me, "he concluded. 

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