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Nathalia Merino

Rafa's comments to the Spanish press...

"I do not like to retire. I did not retire because I did not have that much pain to leave. I retire when I cannot take the pain anymore. And today that was not the case. I did not retire because I could play, at a level X, I'm not going to say (what that is) but it did not give me enough to beat an opponent who played at a high level. Not retiring has been normal for me. There are many people aware of this and I do not like to retire. It leaves an ugly feeling and I prefer to keep trying. And with this level, I could not compete, in the conditions I was in.

Now is not the time to make assessments of whether I had little vacation or not. I believe that I did perfect and I think it is a cumulation of issues that have come together. In Abu Dhabi, I played well and in Doha I fell ill. Here this happened, just when I was better (...) I have to try to reach the level that I had before. Last year, I arrived well to Monte Carlo tournament. I know what I have. I don't have anything serious. It is a fiber tear. I know where it is located and I know what it is.

[On the 'Rafa Slam'] "It's not called that. It was a chance I had and I don't think there will be many more. But I do not live for this nor for records. "

English Press Conference

via yerangell

  • "A match like this is not easy. He is a gentleman and he played injured. It's a great victory, but it's not the same. He played because we are friends and he did not want to make me the ugly one, but the most important thing is his health."

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