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Injury Update: Rafa Needs 2 weeks of rest


Just want to point out on the title of this article. Two centimeter tear is equivalent = 0.787401 inches or a bit more than 3/4 of an inch of a tear.


The medical report confirmed today that Rafa Nadal suffered an “ruptured adductor longus of the LEFT leg” as it appears in the report prepared by Dr. Angel Ruiz Cotorro. This was the diagnosis revealed by the magnetic resonance imaging and ultrasound.
Nadal is being treated with NSAIDs, physiotherapy anti-inflammatory, Tecar and specific stretches. Doctors estimate a recovery period of about ten days from today, 1 February.
Nadal is next scheduled to be in action at the Indian Wells event in California.


Nadal confirms that suffers a breach of "two centimeters"

Rafael confirmed Saturday that has "broken" fibers "two centimeters" after injuring himself against David Ferrer in the quarterfinals of the Australian Open and has qualified as "not very favorable" in course commences.

Nadal, which witnessed the defeat against Sporting Mallorca, confirmed the injury was the glory away from the Rod Laver Arena.

"I knew it was not very important, but a break is a break," said Nadal in Mallorca Last Minute Radio issuer statements.

"We see many times on TV when the players break to rest as they have at least a week and must be replaced. The thing is that I did not have anybody on the bench that I could fill, "said Manacor.

"I tried to follow the final game against Ferrer and I could not perform to the level that my opponent (David Ferrer) called upon me," said Rafael Nadal this afternoon to make a football comparison.

Furthermore, Nadal was recognized that "a beginning of the year has been not very favorable" and said that his feelings were positive prior to the tournament.

"In December I trained very well. I got bad in Doha, well I come to Abu Dhabi, playing well. Then, in Australia and sweated over the account when it seemed that all that had passed and after a good match against Cilic has reached the break, "he said.

"The goal is to regain the level it had before the injury, which I think was appropriate," said the world number one, and while he joked saying that "currently" not s has proposed retiring.

"Last year is unique, but must work to ensure things go well and that is what I will," he assert Nadal, who came to the passage of the criticism as "when all goes well, at times t 'praise and more touching when you lose is the opposite. "

Finally, Rafa spoke on his return to training.

"It depends on my progress, but the most logical stop is two weeks. These days I plan to carry out a recovery, ending Nadal, who ended the interview, joking: "I went on holiday yesterday and I managed the issue of jet lag."

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