AO2011 presser

AO: Fourth Round Presser


Q. How are you feeling? Do you think you're fully recovered?

RAFAEL NADAL: Today I felt very good, no? I didn't sweat like the other days. So that's fantastic news for me. The better news is I played much better than the rest of the days. I was able to play with high intensity, very good rhythm, playing more inside the court. So play more aggressive, changing rhythms with the slice and with the topspin, backhand. The serve worked better today. So, in general, I think it was a very good match for me and very important victory. So very happy for everything.

Q. Do you have any idea as to why you didn't feel that good a couple of days ago? Is it a medical situation or just you didn't feel great?

RAFAEL NADAL: I think so. I don't know, no? I don't have more information than that, no? You see, I was sweating like crazy the other day. I play night session, too. So the conditions wasn't very different.I say the other day, it's true, I playing better. When I play better, I play with a little bit more calm and with less anxiety. For that reason, I am anxiety less.I say the other day, too, today in the practice, I didn't sweat like the other days, too. I sweat much less. Hopefully continue like this.

Q. Cilic just said he had some kind of trouble with the weather. How did you feel with the weather, with the cold? He said it was a bit cold for him. It suited you better than him.

RAFAEL NADAL: No, I didn't find that cold. Was normal condition. Is a night session. Not playing with the sunshine, so is normal conditions.

Q. I think he was saying that because it was cold and the ball wasn't bouncing as much.

RAFAEL NADAL: The ball is bouncing less?

Q. Yes.

RAFAEL NADAL: When is hot, the ball bounce higher.

Q. He was saying it was less.

RAFAEL NADAL: He must say the ball stays lower today.

Well, in general, I think is more positive for him than for me, no? I like the high bounce. And I think for my game is more positive if the bounce are higher. I can play with the topspin. Is easier for me to play. Seriously, for me, I don't know if he was a little bit tired of the other day, but I am very happy how I played. I played my best match here by far.

Q. We'd like to know, apart from winning, what do you enjoy most about being on court? Do you enjoy saving the breakpoints or hitting passing shots, hitting a winner?

RAFAEL NADAL: I enjoy the competition and I enjoy play well. I enjoy everything, no? I enjoy the moments that you have to do something to play well. You have to do something to change some situations. These kind of changes, mentality changes, I love that sometimes and other times it didn't work a lot and you can't enjoy.

Q. You've spoken before about the strength of Spanish sport generally. Is it special for you to play against David in a quarterfinal here?

RAFAEL NADAL: For me is not as special. For me is a very good news because one Spanish is going to be in semifinal, so that's fantastic for our country I think. Start the first Grand Slam of the season having one player in semifinal. That's good news.

I'm happy for him. He's playing good. He won in Auckland. He's in quarterfinal. Is going to be a very difficult match. I wish him all the best. Hopefully I can play my best tennis and have good chances to win. I don't know.

Q. You've seen a lot of him over the years, played against him a lot. You know each other's game pretty well.

RAFAEL NADAL: Well, we know each other perfect. We played a lot of times against each other. At the same time we practiced a lot of times, no?

I think he's a fantastic player for a lot of years being in the top positions. That's very difficult to do, and he did. So all the respect for him. I know gonna be a really, really difficult match.

Q. Is playing David going to be a tougher test of your fitness and your health compared to the match today?

RAFAEL NADAL: We will see. I don't know. Cilic is a great player. He's a very tough opponent. Before the match, I was scared seriously. Well, scared in a good way because I know how good he can play. Only match against him I lost 6 1, 6 3 in Beijing. I have no chances. Is true it was a different situation for me.But these kind of players is very difficult to play. David will be something different. We know each other perfect. He's very good. He's No. 7 or 6 in the world. You are in quarterfinals. In quarterfinals you can't have an easy match.

Q. You played many times more than five hours per match. What was your reaction when you heard that yesterday Schiavone and Kuznetsova played 4 hours and 44 minutes in just three sets?

RAFAEL NADAL: Well, it makes it possible that there is not tiebreak in the third. Was a fantastic match, I think, no? Is good for the sport. Sure is a good show for the tennis world.The worst thing, the winner can be a little bit tired. But I think she has today rest, no?

Q. Did you see any of that?

RAFAEL NADAL: I wasn't see. I wasn't see the match. But I heard about that. That's good. Is a good victory, and I congratulate Francesca.

Q. You were capable to come back after a long match with Verdasco and play well in the final. Many people were surprised. Do you think Francesca Schiavone can be strong enough to play Wozniacki, or you don't think it's possible?

RAFAEL NADAL: Why not, no? If I did, a lot of people can do it. We will see, no? Is very personal thing. At the same time, even the same person, you play a long match and you can be better or you can be worse, depending on the moment. For example, I played against Andy Murray here in 2007, I think. I played very long match in fourth round, Round of 16. I wasn't able to play in quarterfinals against González. It happened in 2009 against Verdasco, and I was ready to play a long final, no?

Depends of the moment. You never know.

Q. Do you find it distracting when everybody is calling out, I love you, Rafa?

RAFAEL NADAL: No, I feel fantastic (laughter).

Q. Are you able to block it out?

RAFAEL NADAL: No, I heard everything. But is nice (smiling).

Q. What about when the girls whistle at you and take pictures of you when you're changing your shirt?

RAFAEL NADAL: That's a very good feeling (smiling).

Q. Could you tell us more about this Armani campaign? Was it a good experience? What do you think of the pictures?

RAFAEL NADAL: Was a long experience, but very good experience, no? Is always nice to know different worlds. The fashion world is something that I didn't know before.

Yeah, was a good session of photos, long one. But hopefully the result are satisfactory, so... I worked very hard, seriously (laughter). So, yeah, was nice. A different experience and I enjoyed.

Q. Do you find you sexy on the picture?

RAFAEL NADAL: I'm not the right person to say. I always watch myself so so. But what do you think? Do you like it?

Q. Yeah, I do.

RAFAEL NADAL: I happy if I like it (smiling).

Q. You say it was long. How long were you one next to the other?

RAFAEL NADAL: Was different shootings. We talked enough about that in the past.

Q. Just a question about the Hawk Eye system. Is it difficult to know when to challenge and when not to challenge? How do you feel when you challenge and the result is that it's just in or just out or very close?

RAFAEL NADAL: That's part of the game, no? Is difficult to see sometimes. But sometimes is important point and you challenge. We'll see what's going on. When you see the ball, you are praying to have the positive result for you, no?

I think is a positive thing for the sport. I think the crowd enjoys the Hawk Eye. I think that's a good really good improve in the tennis world when the Hawk Eye came, no? I think is very positive and I enjoy because you have your chance. That's good.

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