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DOHA: Rafa/Beck Press Conference



January 4, 2011

Rafael Nadal
R. NADAL/K. Beck
6-3, 6-0

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Well, Happy New Year.

RAFAEL NADAL: Happy New Year.

Q. First match, a win. Just a little bit, your impressions after this break? Did you have enough of a break? How are you feeling overall?

RAFAEL NADAL: Well, I think I started the season playing well. I played very well in Abu Dhabi last week, so that's positive.

Today probably Karol, he didn't play one of his best matches and I played okay. I didn't need a lot tonight I think to win, but what I needed I had. So it's a positive victory. It's a good start of the year for me.

We will see what's happen tomorrow. I am a little bit lucky, I think, because yesterday night I didn't feel very well, and today I improved a little bit. I had fever yesterday night and today in the morning a little bit, too. So I feeling a little bit better now. Hopefully still improving.

Q. Would you like to tell us what you did until the final of London and now, Abu Dhabi?

RAFAEL NADAL: Yeah. Well, I had five days off, so I was with the sponsor these five days. I had a few TV spots to do, so I didn't have a break, no? I practiced the whole three weeks. I had two matches for Roger for our foundations.

I practiced. That's all. I tried to spend the time with the family during Christmas, and during that three weeks be there with the family and enjoying a little bit with small causes that I have and trying to be with the friends.

But very short time, no? I tried to do everything.

Q. Is it enough to feel fresh for this year?

RAFAEL NADAL: No, is not enough. But that's the tennis world, but is not enough. Three weeks of practice and five days of stop is never gonna be enough.

Q. What about this goal to win four titles, Grand Slam titles in a row?

RAFAEL NADAL: Right now we are in Doha, so we are gonna talk about Australia when we get there next week. Right now I am focused and trying to play good tournament here. I am in second round.

And here I start my Australian Open, not in Australia. So every tournament is different, that's true, but playing good in Abu Dhabi I have to continue that here, but later we will see.

All the tournaments are difficult, and Australia for everybody is very important tournament, not only for me because I have the chance to do it, the fourth in a row.

That's very far, so I don't think about that. My goal is only arrive there, try to be there, very competitive, in the right form to compete. I will see what's happen.

Q. Yesterday you feel bad during the double or after?

RAFAEL NADAL: I feel bad a little bit before, and during doubles so-so. But after doubles I field a little bit worse, no?

I came to the hotel, and I stayed on the bed directly straight from the court, and it wasn't a very good night for me.

Q. This morning you were okay?

RAFAEL NADAL: Not perfect, for sure. I had to take antibiotics and everything. So wasn't an easy night. So this morning I wasn't feel perfect, and maybe I not gonna feel perfect tomorrow, too, but hopefully improve a little bit every day.

Q. Roger yesterday said that an offseason should last between six to eight weeks. That's what he would like. An offseason should last between six to eight weeks. Do you agree with that?

RAFAEL NADAL: That we have...

Q. He wishes the offseason would last between six to eight weeks.

RAFAEL NADAL: Offseason with tennis? Six to eight weeks?

Q. Yes.

RAFAEL NADAL: For me, that's a minimum thing to do it, no? The tennis is very competitive sport. You need to be healthy, you need to play almost every week during all the season. And if you can't have three months or three weeks or two weeks off without recovering your body and relax a little bit, your mind, too, is very difficult to start another season not 100%.

For that reason now in February I end up playing nothing, because I only had three weeks off practicing, and I only have five days of stop, so I need a little bit more.

And I am trying to be at 100% for this beginning of the season, and after that I decided to not play in Rotterdam, Dubai, because I need to practice more, physical tennis, and to relax a little bit, too, because the season is long and I need to be ready for after.

Q. I know it's just one match into the new season, but are you happy with your form?


Q. Two, including the doubles.

RAFAEL NADAL: No, three. I played in Abu Dhabi, too, the first one.

Q. Let's make it three. Are you happy with your form, the way it's shaping up?

RAFAEL NADAL: I think I finish the season playing better than ever in London. I not play the Masters Cup like I did this year, so that give me confidence.

I think I practiced really well in Mallorca during all of December, and I started playing the season really well in Abu Dhabi. Today it's difficult to say something, but last two matches against Berdych and Roger in Abu Dhabi, my feeling was really good.

So hopefully I still improving here and continue with this right feeling here. We will see what's happen.


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