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Match against Cilic was a cause for concern
Rafael Nadal

Hi all,

I am back at the hotel after a tough match. I think I played one of my best matches, definitely the best so far here in Melbourne and I am happy since I was a bit worried about this match.

I am now back at my hotel and have had some room service. While waiting I am watching some YouTube videos of past tennis champions and also some documentaries. It is something amazing, YouTube. It is something you start watching and you can't stop. One thing brings you to another and sometimes I go to bed really late because of that. Since I also bought an adaptor that goes from my laptop to the TV, I also have the chance to see it on a big screen!

Tomorrow I practice at 1 pm so I am now going to bed after a quick dinner.

Thanks all for the support.


Hitting the right notes against Tomic
Rafael Nadal

I read your interview after the Tomic match where you say you sweat and feel more tired than usual and that you might not be fully recovered from the virus you caught in Doha. I myself I'm suffering from a virus right now and can only imagine what it must be like going out there to play at least three intense sets! I am worried for you. What precautions are you taking on your days off? Cedrine

Nothing special since the tests went well. I actually sweat much less today. Hope you get better soon.

Hola Rafa, I totally share your love for the sun and the sand (I can't stand cold places and hate the winter!), and I was wondering... apart from the beach(es) in Mallorca, if there's any other beach that you really like? By the way, you should totally visit India for the beaches! We have hundreds, and the best ones are in Goa Love, Mohona, India

Thanks for the tip. Maybe one day. So far I have only been in Chennai playing tennis and recently for the school we opened. 
Hi Rafa, Hope you keep on winning in Australia. Great work in beating Tomic. During that match, the commentator said you changed shirts 5 times. What is the highest number of shirt changing in one match for you? Thanks for answering questions. Stay healthy. When you are healthy, no one can beat you. Sharon, Leatherhead, UK

Many thanks. I think that has probably been one of the matches I changed the most! 

Hola Rafa!! I have been very impressed by some of the sports photography taken of you at this tournament. Do you or anyone within the family keep scrapbooks of your matches and your career to date? Love, Julie xx

Yes, Benito and Carlos do keep a good digital book.
Hola Rafael! First, I wanted to tell you that you are such an amazing champion with a wonderful personnality (and you are quite a handsome man as well, by the way!). I read an interview your mother gave in December to talk about the Madrid exhibition where she said she used to give piano lessons. So I came to wonder as I also know you absolutely love listening to music: have you taken advantage of your mother's talent and ever played the piano ? And if so, were you skilled at it ? As for now, I imagine you playing better with a tennis racket than with a piano, but maybe I am wrong. Siga así campeón y mucha suerte para todo !!!!!!!! Anne-Claire, Paris

Many thanks, very kind of you. I am nule at playing music! My grandfather is a musician, my mother likes it but I am not able to play any instruments.

Hi Rafa, you mentioned before that you are a big Lost fan. How did you find the ending of it? Were you satisfied with it? Agi from Hungary

I want more!

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