AOBlog: When the going gets tough


When the going starts to get tough . . .
Rafael Nadal
40 minutes ago

Hello everyone,

I am writing this blog just before having lunch and getting ready for tonight's match. I'll have a light lunch with some pasta and some fish, not too much although the match is going to be almost 6/7 hours (it is 1:48 pm as I write here in Melbourne).

I know it is not going to be an easy match since it looks like all night matches are finals and things get more difficult than usual. As you can see almost all night matches here have been tough, very tough for the favorite.

In any case I am playing well, I am feeling well and I am confident. Hopefully things will continue like this.




Hi Rafa. When I was watching your 2010 US Open final, both Martina Navratilova and Jimmy Connors said that they're surprised that you never hit yourself on the head with your racket because of your follow-through. So, have you ever done that during a match or a practice? I hope not! Best of luck at the Australian Open Samiyah, USA

No, not really. I am pretty calm!

Hola Rafa I mentioned to you in a previous Blog that I was learning to play tennis. Unfortunately I have picked up a shoulder injury that is stopping me from playing. What do you suggest I do in order to keep myself fit? Many thanks for this blog & good luck in your next match.
Love Clare x

Go and see a doctor and get the right treatment. Don't push too much. They will know what's best for you. 

Hola Rafa!! After your second-round match you said that in your downtime, you'd like to go to the aquarium. When I visited Melbourne, I didn't go although I was told it was amazing. Why do you find it so particularly fascinating? Love, Wooffs

I love the sea and I love fish. I enjoy very much watching everything there. The penguins were funny and amazing. But the whole thing is really cool. 

You look extremely sexy in the Armani photos. Do you plan on doing more stuff like this in the future? Lola Myme

Thanks. Not sure this is what I want to do. I prefer to play tennis.
I hear a famous writer is following you during the tournament, so tell me, when they make the movie...who is going to play...Toni I say Antonio Bandaras! Keep doing what you do, you are an inspiration. Thank you and good luck, Sharon

Not anymore. He left before the tournament started. We spent some time in Doha, and here in Melbourne. Now it is time for competition. Movie? what movie? 
Rafa, I'd entered the contest on Facebook where Nike had offered to put the names of 200 fans on your bag, and I noticed stuff written on your Nike bag after your match against Sweeting...I wonder if those are the 200 names? Mohona, India


How difficult is it to play someone who is carrying an injury and may quit during the match. Does it make it more difficult to concentrate on your own game? Shani xx

You simply have to focus on your game until the end of the match no matter what it is. After it is over it is sad to see if someone retires due to injury. Not nice to win like this.

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