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AOBlog: Tough Test in Cilic


Cilic will be tough test for me
Rafael Nadal

Hi all,

Short one today since it got late and I have to go to sleep. Lots of people talking about me sweating and losing weight. I am well, still suffering a bit from the cold I had in Doha.

Tomorrow I know it will be one of those very difficult matches, since I played Cilic once and he beat me. We'll see and hopefully I can continue blogging from Melbourne. It sort of brings me good luck!

Thanks all


I wouldn't change a thing about my life
Rafael Nadal

There was a clip of you on channel IB3 practicing in Manacor and your little cousins were there too. One said they want to win a trophy later. I was just wondering if your cousins have shown a real interest in tennis and whether they have started to practice seriously with your uncle Toni as coach? Cedrine.

RN: Yes, they love to play tennis and Toni when he is at home.

Hi Rafa. Firstly, congratulations on your brilliant 2010 season, and secondly, good luck for the rest of this year and your time at the Australian Open. I am wondering, does playing a new and up and coming player such as Sweeting excite you, when you know relatively little about the player and their style? Does it keep tennis fresh for you in the sense that you don't really know what to expect when you play them? Or do you prefer playing someone you are more familiar with and know their playing style? Thank you. Deborah, Northern Ireland.

RN: It is always difficult to play players you have not seen before and that happens often at Grand Slam events since the draw is bigger.

Hi Rafa, hope you continue your run of good form at slams. I read Tom Oldfied's biography of you and I found it wasn't very good. Do you have someone writing one for you or are there any biographies of you currently in the bookshops that you are happy about? I am talking about English ones. I can't read Spanish unfortunately. If you have the choice, who would you ask to write your biography? Thanks. Sharon Lam.

RN: Thanks. I don't know who Tom Oldfield is so I don't understand how someone can write a biography of someone without knowing the person. I have never seen him or even heard of him, imagine! Hope that answers the rest of the question too. I am having someone that will write something soon but I will let you know when it is time. It will be in English too

Dear Rafa! Have you been playing the Playstation in Melbourne? I remember last year you and Pico Monaco beat Moya and you blogged about it.  Wendy, Melbourne.

RN: Yes I have, but not soccer since I don't have it here. I played Gran Turismo, also competed against Marc Lopez on this.

Hi Rafa, Bernard Tomic gave you a difficult match and looks like a player who could challenge for slams in the future. Which other young players do you think we should keep an eye out for? Martin, USA.

RN: Yes, Tomic is a very talented player. I am sure he will be up there in the future if he does things right.

Hola Rafa. Which is your favourite country to visit on the tour and why? Brett, Melbourne.

RN: I enjoy many places and countries, and specially Australia I have to say. But I try to take also the best of other places and enjoy!

You said earlier you always carry music with you. What music do you listen to, and what sort of things do you have on your laptop? Mark, Scotland.

RN: Spanish music in general and also some dance, pop music

Rafa, you have got a great life, but if you could change one thing about it, what would it be? Stevo, Sydney.

RN: I wouldn't change anything of my life at the moment.

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