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AOBlog: Sushi and Things Cant Travel Without


Lots of sushi and lots of sleep ...
Rafael Nadal

Hi everyone, Just came from dinner and wanted to write a few words to you.
We had a nice dinner here nearby the hotel. No match tomorrow, so some good sushi. We are staying at a hotel where basically you have all kind of restaurants. This is good since it is convenient but at the same time we tend not to go out much.
I have been 10 days here in Melbourne and not really gone out of this place. Have to change that! If I am here in 2 nights I think I’ll change!

Tomorrow I am practicing at 11 so that leaves me time to sleep until at least 9.30 so not bad.
Can’t complaint.

The three things I simply can't travel without
Rafael Nadal

Hi Rafa after every match you say that there is still room for improvement, which part of your game do you think you need to improve the most? - native3

RN: I think the position on court and maybe to play a bit more aggressive.

G’day Rafa! Muchas Gracias for writing from Melbourne and for replying to our questions....good on you. As with your first round match against Marcos Daniel, your second round match against Ryan Sweeting is the second match on the Rod Laver you prefer playing your matches during the day or at night ..or do you not have any preference? Many thanks, Niamh, Ireland

RN: Hi there. I prefer the day since it is warm and I like the sun. But I know I will have to play soon a night match, probably the one on Saturday! You’ll see! :-)

Rafa, as you spend so much of your year living out of a suitcase, which three things do you always like to have with you? Love Shani

RN: Music for sure, my lap top computer and my tennis stuff

Rafa. It is always a pleasure reading your blogs! Wish you a healthy and successful season:) I am curious what was it like playing water tennis in the ocean in Doha with Roger.It looked kind of bizarre:) Megy, Bulgaria

RN: Thanks, It was fun, something different that we did to publicize the launch of the new ATP season. The problem is that there is where I got my cold!

Rafa, it has been reported that you aren’t very keen on dogs. Do you like other animals — have you ever held a koala bear while in Australia?  Good luck in your next match — vamos! Love Sam

RN: Yes I do but not to have them at home. I have had the chance in the past to see the Koala and it is quite cool!

Hola Rafa! We quite often see you with your Quely biscuits. However, an excellent biscuit is to be found in Australia called “Tim Tams”. Have you tried them?? Love, Jules

RN: I always have them with me. I eat them since I am a little kid and I have them at every place and every tournament I go to since they send me a whole box every week. I will try those you mention but I am more than sure that they won’t be better than the Quely’s :-)

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