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AOBlog: Rhythm on Serve


Working on my serve still leaves time for dinner with Kylie

Hi everyone,

The first round is over almost for everyone and that means that already half of the draw is out of the competition. This is the thing about tennis: 128 players were here to start the main draw but after only two days of competition there is only half of the draw left. It went well for me today since I won the match pretty fast. I am sorry for Marcos [Daniel] who had to retire: it is always an uncomfortable situation since I felt bad for him. He is a nice guy and I hope he recovers well and soon.

Since the match didn't last too much and also considering I served not that well at the beginning of the second set, I decided to go out and serve for 30 minutes. I felt well after that and was happy after. I got some rhythm on my serve again.


I bought a piece of the court you played on for your foundation - it was a great idea to raise money. Do you have any other fundraising activities planned? - Juliette, UK

Hi Juliette, many thanks for this. I hope you liked the piece and that you are happy. The money is going to a good cause and the foundation will do well for kids. We are planning other things but will let people know.

My question is, what do you like most about being on tour apart from playing tennis? Do you get time to do fun things in the cities you are staying? All the best for the Australian Open! - Jamie

I don't have that much time anymore to visit. I like to go out at night to restaurants and enjoy the food with my team and other players.

Why did you decide to model underwear for Armani? Surely it wasn’t just for the money? Was the photoshoot fun? – Liana, Greece

The shoots are never that much fun, to be honest. I am a tennis player and I like sports, not really photo shoots. I decided to go with Armani since the idea is fun and it is a great brand to be with. Very happy with the decision.

Hola Rafa! I am impressed with the different modes of transport that have been laid on for you to get you to tournament sites. The boat along the Thames to go to the WTF, the helicopter in Toronto, as well as the usual tournament cars. What’s your favourite mode of transport? - Love, Julie

Walking from the house I rent in Wimbledon to the tournament site. Really!

Dear Rafa - I notice that sometimes you train with other players - Feli López, Novak Djokovic etc. Do you ask the other players to train with you or do other people arrange the training sessions for you? Good luck for your first round match! - Qing Qing, China

It depends. Normally I ask other players or they ask me, or Toni takes care of it, or the tournament finds me someone, or the ATP, it depends. Many ways.

Hi Rafa! Congratulations for your amazing 2010 season, I wish you many more like this one! For how many years have you been playing golf? What or who gave you the idea to play golf, and how did you learn? Bonne chance pour l'Open d'Australie! - Mathilde, France

I love to play golf, really enjoy it. I have been playing for some years now and my uncles (Miguel Angel, Rafael and Toni) got me into it.

I noticed Kylie Minogue watched one of your matches at the World Tour Finals. Do you have many famous friends? If so, who do you like to spend time with? – Veronica, New South Wales

Yes she did. She and her boyfriend came to one of my matches. Andres, her boyfriend came for dinner with us one night and he was very nice. I was happy to see them.

Hi Rafa. If you don't mind, I read that you have been with your girlfriend since you were 14. Your sister introduced you, is that true? - Cedrine

Not true. We have been for almost 5 years together and I am 24 turning 25 this year.

Hi Rafa - firstly good luck for the next two weeks at the Australian Open. I am always amazed at your ability to recall stats and scorelines even from matches you played a long time ago. So I'm wondering was this ability to remember things as good when it came to school, like when revising for exams, or is it only good where tennis is concerned? Thank you and again best of luck. - Debbie, Ireland

Hi Debbie, many thanks for your message. Let's hope I am here two weeks. I have a good memory, actually very, very good. I remember almost everything.

Hi Rafa! So you regret buying the Aston Martin.. what about the Harley Davidson, is that also a regret? - Kim, London

I do actually. Regarding the Harley, it is a long story but I still haven't used it! Will let you know.

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