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I would have loved to have played Andy
Rafael Nadal
4 hours ago

Hello everyone,

Well, the Australian Open came to an early end for me. It is unfortunate but this is how it is. No excuses, no nothing.

David played a great match and he deserves to be in the semis against Andy.

Too bad for me since I would have loved to play Andy for a chance to be in the final. We had a great match in London and it would have been nice, but the one who will play him deserves it more.

I am flying back tonight to Spain and will get some rest before starting again practice. I will do some tests to see if there is something serious or not but I am sure I will be fine.

Maybe I get the question about the Rafa Slam? Well I never spoke about that as you all know. That was more the media who pushed that and I understand it.

But this shows once again that match by match is what you really have to look at and not those records before they happen. It didn't and I knew it would be very difficult.

Once again I want to thanks all my fans and you for being there, supporting me and reading what I write... Not sure I would do it

Thanks to The Times also for the opportunity and we will do this again during Roland Garros, The French Open. Hope it will bring me luck again over there.

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