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I ADMIRE your passion for the sport and your constant determination as a player! Your movement on the court will never fail to amaze me! I just want to know though, what it is that you love the most about tennis? And what keeps you motivated as a player? Thank you and good luck for the tournament.
Olivia of Victoria

Rafa: Many thanks, Olivia, for your kind words. I love almost everything in tennis, ’specially the competition. I love to do that and to have that feeling. And the motivation comes to be a better player so that I can compete at the highest level, improve and win.

Rafa how much weight training do you do?

Not much. Only some specific program to help on my movements and compensation. But not much. Most of my practise is on court and some very short and specific programs to help me improve movements and prevent injuries.

Who is your favourite women's tennis player?
Patrick, Victoria

Kim Clijsters, Ana Ivanovic and the Spanish players.

You are so calm on those tough points. Do you meditate?
Eva R

I am not sure what you mean by meditate. But I do think a lot about matches and points.

When did you decide you were going to completely devote yourself to becoming a successful & professional tennis player?
Kali Fabiatos

When I was around 12 or 13. Had to chose between football and tennis since I didn't have enough time to practise both.

As a huge fan of yours, I was wondering, would you ever consider writing an autobiography? And if so, what would you call it?
Sam Leaman, Launceston, Tasmania

Yes. Stay tuned.

Hi Rafa, you rock. Does music play a big part in your life? What is your favourite song on your ipod?
B and H Munro, Melbourne

Yes I love music, I listen to it all the time. But I wouldn't be able to tell you just one song. I have many, especially Spanish speaking music.

How do you get such a top spin forehand? I try to practise evey day but I cannot get as much top spin as you get.
Chris Cutajar . Deer Park

I don't know. I suppose with time you get it. But I have no secret. Hit it hard and strong, maybe?

Rafa, who taught you your mental toughness!

You work every detail of the game and the mental part also. It is an excise you do since you are a kid and also something you work at practice.

During your down-time off the court; do you ever think about how your life will be after tennis and in the near future?
Roanna Sanelli, Victoria

No, not really.

Do you still think Roger Federer is the man to beat? The way you are playing at the moment you look unbeatable.
Kevin Smith, Melbourne


I went past the tennis precinct on late Friday night (around 2am) and saw many players training with their support staff. Is it normal for players to train this late, and what times do you prefer?
Navee Sandhu, Rowville

I have never seen that. 2am! It is too late even for me.


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