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AOBlog: Herald Sun QnA 5


DESPITE his loss in the Open quarter-finals, Rafael Nadal found time to answers more questions from his fans.

Are you ever a bit nervous about wearing such an expensive watch and have you ever broken it in any way?
Eleanor Borgelt, Victoria

RAFA: No, I am not more nervous for sure. It is built so that it doesn't break. Something amazing, believe me. I broke a few when we were developing it last year.

Hey Raf, in the next 5-10 years out of the players you have seen play who do you think will be ranked No.1 or close to it?
Barney Swarley, Victoria

Rafa, who is your favourite football player?
Jim Cowski

Messi is the best one in the world, I think.
Hello Rafa! I am a huge fan. What is your favorite tournament, not including the Grand Slams?
Amanda Grue, USA

I like Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Indian Wells and many others. We are very lucky to have great tournaments, well organised and with many great facilities and care for us.
I saw your Armani pictures, I didn't like them, that's not you. I follow you since 2005 and they look nothing like you. What do you think of them? Are you planning to do again something like that?
Dimitra, Sydney

I respect everyone's opinion. I think they are nice and different. Thanks for your feedback anyway :-)
Do you have any tattoos Rafa? If not, would you ever consider getting them?
Jack, Niddrie

Nope, don't like them
Silly question, when changing your shirts, why do you seem to always have some difficulty taking off and putting on your shirts as if they're too tight?

Because they are tight and sweaty. They are custom made.
I want to ask do you sometimes really read some letters from fans. Do you think they are helpful? Thanks.
Goran, Croatia

I do read them, not all, but most of them. Also I read my Facebook and what fans (and non fans) write.

Who was your inspiration for playing tennis? Or was it just your choice to play tennis?
Karla, Victoria

It was only my choice and some influence from my uncle.
Hi Rafa. I've noticed you have picked up some Aussie sayings like 'no worries' and 'cheers'. Are there any you find really amusing or don't understand? Here are some Aussie words of encouragement: Go hard or go home!
Jillybean, North Queensland

Hahahahha. Yes. True. Benito is always there, too, with Ian, our driver, joking about it.
Sometimes, you are asked to commentate a match during your TV interviews. Do you enjoy commentating or do you prefer to watch as a spectator only?
Atchariya TH, email

I have not done it often. I did it at the US Open this year and it was nice, but I only did a couple of games. They have a great location.
I know athletes must eat a lot of carbs and protein, but are there vegetables that you really like? Other than french fries!
Jane Harper, USA

I do like salads very much
Have you thought about selling off your Aston Martin and Harley Davidson and giving the money to your foundation?
Eva, email

Good idea, thanks for the tip!
Your book - The Story of a Phenomenon - will there ever be an English version? We have been waiting ages. I would love to read it.
Val, UK

Not really. Not a great one, I have to say.
How do you feel as soon as you walk on the court, do you feel nervous or do you stay confident and say you can do this?
Daniel, Victoria

I can feel nervous many times. It is normal. Once the match starts then it goes well again.
Hi Rafa, do you still play as Roger Federer in tennis video games?

Hahahahaha. Sure do!
Rafa, do you think after your singles career is over, you may take up a doubles career in tennis? Or do you think it will be 'end of tennis' for you?
Ganesh K, email

No, I don't think so. I already play doubles sometimes.

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