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AOBlog: Herald Sun QnA 4


WORLD No.1 Rafael Nadal answers your questions in part four of our exclusive 'Ask Rafa' column.

Q - What has been the most disappointing loss of your career so far and what is your favourite match you have won? 
Nigel, Melbourne

A - This is a very difficult question. I have some disappointments but I have to say that they are not too many. Maybe my second Wimbledon final was one of the worst. And wins, I have many good memories, tough to point out one so allow me to not answer this one.

What football (soccer) team to you go for? And I hope you complete the Rafa slam as you deserve it!
Kali Fabiatos, Melbourne 

I am a big fan of Real Mallorca and Real Madrid. Thanks for the slam wish!

Hi Rafa, are you secretly counting down the days until Roger Federer retires?
Britt M, Melbourne 

No, not fair.

Hi Rafa,
Do you sometimes wish you played a team sport and were part of a team, rather than being all alone. 
Ryan, email

I like soccer but I am very happy with tennis. It goes either way, when you win you celebrate with many and when you lose it is only you.

Hey Rafa, I have been looking for a new tennis racket and just wanted to know what you think. What is the best Babolat and Wilson tennis rackets? 
Alexander Robinson, Melbourne

I can tell you about Babolat since that's what I use. And mine I have to say is very, very good. Sorry for the Wilson boys.

Dear Rafa! Do you ever watch other player's matches when you are not playing?
Qing Qing, email

Yes but normally on the TV, either at the locker or back at the hotel. When I was younger I liked to go to other courts and see matches but as you can imagine it is pretty difficult for me nowadays
How do you deal with the added pressure of the ATP's number 1 ranking?
Evan Fabiatos, Melbourne

I have no pressure at all with that, believe me

Rafa... the bull logo, that is seen on your clothing... what does it mean to you?
Joel Teague, Melbourne

It is something that Nike created after I was always wearing the Spanish bull.

How exciting was it for you to meet Rod Laver when you won the AO in 2009? I think it would be a blast this year for you to accept the trophy from him again! Vamos Rafa. 
Trina, email

Yes, an amazing feeling. It is a very important part of our history.

It seems like you really enjoy giving back to young kids like when you sign their items they hold. What was the most unusual fan item that you signed?
Katrina, email

Many different things. They are really geniuses out there inventing things

Rafa, you are my inspiration. is it true that you place your drink bottles in a certain order facing the direction you serve? 
Jam, email

No, not really, but I do place them lining up.

Hi Rafa, I watched you practice on Monday. Fantastic!! Do you worry about the crowds mobbing you after the practice?
Angela, Melbourne

No, not at all. I am only concerned for the smaller ones so that they don't get injured. I understand people want to come and see us and I appreciate that a lot.
Hola Rafa! I'm a huge fan of your inside out forehand, how do you manage to hit this shot so skillfully?
Becky Cooke, Wellington, NZ

Practice, practice and a bit more of practice.

Thank you and congratulations to you and the other players on the success of the Hit for Haiti and Rally for Relief. It is a joy for tennis fans to see the players so relaxed on the court. Do you think there is a chance that these types of events could be played every year because it seems that there is always somewhere in the world that needs the help? 
Kaz, Melbourne

Absolutely and that's why we do them.We have to help, all of us.

Hi Rafa, I am a huge fan! I was wondering if you would ever consider coming to Australia for a holiday?
M Williams, email

I don't have much time these days with the tennis calendar, but maybe when I finish my career. It is a beautiful country.

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