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AOBlog: Herald Sun QnA 3


Q - Hi Rafa, I have an aeropro drive with rpm blast strings but what tension is good for those strings? Also what tension do you use?
Trent Jones, Victoria

A - It depends on how you play and what you want. I use 25kg. You have more control with more kilos and more power with less. I would go for 24, 25, or even a bit less. Depends on your strength.

Hola Rafa! Muchas Gracias for replying to questions for us, your very lucky fans. Rafa, which questions from fans do you prefer replying to....questions about tennis or questions about other things, apart from tennis?
Niamh Kearney, Ireland

It is up to you. I don't like to talk about politics and things like that. I enjoy answering what people want to know, really.

What do you do when you get a day off from tennis when you are in Melbourne?
Sarah, Craigieburn

I had the chance to go to St Kilda yesterday for a nice lunch at a restaurant on the beach. Very nice!

You play physical tennis, your movements around the court are extensive. Do you think you can hold up this style till you are 28 or 29 or do you foresee a change in game play?
Bala, Singapore

I hope so. I am still young. In the press conference I had a lot of questions like this!

When you were about 12 or 13 how did you have a private coach or was it with your uncle Toni?
Grace Joyce, email

It has always been my uncle Toni. I have never had another coach apart from Francis Roig, who also is with me nowadays when Toni doesn't travel.
How are you feeling, as you had a fever in Qatar, I hope you’re better
Heather Majurey-Lombardo, Sydney

I am good, many thanks.
Who is your all-time favourite tennis player that you never got to play with or against?
Evan Fabiatos, Melbourne

I never had this all-time favourite. I had the chance to play with Moya, who was the guy I was looking at when I was growing up.
Rafa, if you were stuck on a desert island, what three things would you like to take with you?
Qing Qing, email

Never thought about that, I just don't think it is going to happen so....

Have you ever considered playing football professionally? I've seen your charity matches and I reckon you have great potential and a deadly left foot.
Ganen, London

No, no, too late. I wouldn't have minded when I was a kid. But I think I made the right choice to play tennis.
I've heard that you wear your shoes 2 sizes too small, is this true and if so, what advantage does this give you on the court? Doesn't it hurt your feet?
Sydney Eaker, Central Coast

No, not true. I wear my size, but I have a small foot compared to other tennis players.

Rafa, who is the person you admire most in the world?
Heather Peirce, Yarraville

I can tell you it is in my family....

Would you ever swim in the Yarra River to celebrate an Australian Open win like Jim Courier did?
Phil Corgirl, Golden Square

Nope. But my team did when I won here two years ago.

Is Australia your favourite country to visit on the tennis circuit?
Leanne Sharpe, Shepparton

Definitely one of my favourites. It is a great country and the people are very nice!

Roger Federer has been criticised as a cry baby after winning at Melbourne Park. What do you think of his tears?
Bill Boss, Brisbane

I don't think people should criticise. It is not healthy, doesn't take you anywhere. Roger is a great guy and doesn't deserve to be criticised.


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