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I take the towels because I have friends and family who ask for them

1. Juan Luis Pérez-Mulet: Hi Rafa, I wanted to know if the weight on your profile is true, always put 85kg, but I think these days you are thinner, how much you weigh?, If you do not mind the question. Good luck in the Open de Australia, greetings.

Nadal: I Weigh 86 kg.

2. Roberto Adrados: Regards Rafa, do you dare to 'make' the perfect tennis player? Derecha, revés, saque, volea, resistencia mental... Forehand, backhand, serve, volley, mental toughness ...

Nadal: That's impossible. Do not think I can do.

3. Virginia Santamaría: Hi Rafa, is a real pleasure to address you directly. Strikes me that the press of a sudden says that you're the best and suddenly you have left very little life to tour. Are you affected by the media And what do you think your opponents say they have to win two matches, a physical and a mental? Thanks for making us so happy.

Nadal: No, it doesn't affect me at all, really. And in regard to the second question, we must win two or three sets depending on whether it's a best of 3 of 5 set match

4. Daniel Ibáñez: Rafa, it seems to me, humbly, you're end of the season is just beginning, and that after the Australia Open could make that four-week vacation you spoke to get in shape, so that you can peak during mid year (Roland Garros and Wimbledon). Am I right? encouragements

Nadal: Partially. After Melbourne for four weeks I will not compete but it does not mean I'm on vacation or doing nothing. The opposite. . I have to prepare for the tour on hard courts at Indian Wells and Miami. There is still a lot till reaching Monte Carlo and the beginning of the clay.

5. Pedro Pax Martínez: Greeting Rafa, because you're traveling most of the time and visiting many places I wanted to ask something really important, hehe, what country is best for eating? Any dish that surprised you? A hug to you and your people!.

Nadal: For me in Spain, Italy and Japan.

6. Rafael Contreras: I have to say that I admire your humility and resilience. Do not you think that the public in Australia is a bit noisy, though funny (I talking about when some guy said, 'Rafa I love you')? Does it affects / disrupts you the noise from the public? Thanks.

Nadal: The public is good here, very good. And yes I hear what they say but it does not affect me much.

7. Andrés Pérez: Hi Rafa, I'm Andrés, from Argentina. Your game is revolutionary and is in a privileged place in history, It is incredible with the age that you have, as assume it day by day. as you take every day. I wanted to ask if you had the opportunity to relive a moment from your life (ONE ONLY) which would you choose? It need not be necessarily linked with tennis. Greetings!

Nadal: It's a very difficult question! There are many moments and I don't think it was fair to mention one.

8. Reyes Carretero: Hi Rafa. Does it bother you while you're playing the TV camera is flying over the court? Sometimes when you turn on the court after the 90 seconds break you have to change your path because it seems that you are going to collide. And hearing the 'click' of the cameras of the press? Does it bother you sometimes? Good luck and a hug

Nadal: Yes, it is called spider cam and is very spectacular.And yes we hear the cameras but doesn't affect me, really.

9. José Luis Morales: Greeting Rafa, I just read that Federer takes four towels after games because all his friends want them...Have you ever have taken something of match? towels? bottles? It seems like a funny story but I think that with four towels per game does not cover requests ... lol Good luck for the tournament!

Nadal: Yes, I always take the towels because I have friends and family that ask me for them ... Also my team!

10. Óscar Campo: Hey champ, how about Dolgopolov? Going through your quarter ... Do you think he can become the Baghdatis this year?  Thank you and hope it doesn't happen in semis

Nadal: He's a very good player who has surprised many here. We'll see, Murray is very good and very strong.

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