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AOBlog: Elmundo 3


'I can not do anything to limit wear'

Elmundo Blog in Spanish #3

1. Mari Luz (Tolosa) Hello Champion. Feeling physically weak as you say, have you thought about making changes in your game against Cilic to try to limit the wear? Thanks and good spirit.

NADAL:Hello. I see that news travels fast ... I believe I can make many changes. Try to play my best and see what happens. This is so and there is nothing to do.

2. Joseph Mathew: Congratulations on your career, incredible! What do you dislike about life as a professional tennis player? What is the biggest sacrifice for your career: flights, planes, the coldness of the hotel ...? You're the best. Good luck this season.

NADAL: Thank you very much. I do not think there's anything I do not like. I may like more or less do some things, but it is absurd to suggest it must be done. Perhaps the worst thing is spending too much time away from home without seeing family and friends. But in the tournaments I'm in good company of my team and I have friends on the circuit.

3. Mar Gómez: You made me happy during this great year you have completed as No. 1. For me always will remain number 1 no matter what happens. What do you think is the main difference between the game with Federer? Please win in Australia!

NADAL: Thank you very much. Federer plays very easily or at least so it seems.

4. Javier Ramírez: Rafa, there were people who said that you and Federer had a pact for the victories in charity matches in December. For me, after watching the matches can see that those who said it haven't played tennis in their life. But to shut some mouths the next time you could bet a haircut with Federer or something like that. Would you dare?

NADAL: No, no, there was no negotiation. We always go out to win. Another thing is that we play more or less relaxed. Clearly it was not the final of a Grand Slam and things are more relaxed. There is no tension in the party either before, during, or after. And that's not me betting on tennis, really. Play-Station is another thing.

5. Pablo Zamora: Hi Rafa, first of all my congratulations. I hope you do not mind my question ... Why in tennis there are fewer cases of doping in other sports? I know that you are very controlled and you always have to inform about where you are, etc. but in other sports with as many or more controls seems that doctors and athletes are always ahead and manage to cheat. Why can not this happen in tennis? Or do you think that does happen, what happens is that one takes them?

NADAL: The answer is simple: because there should be no doping. We spent many a year in control, controls of all types and even different organizations. Those who have doped have been discovered and punished.

6. Jorge Carrión: You're a great athlete, congratulations. Here in Ecuador was very sad to know that Nico Lapentti retired from tennis. What do you think about Nicole?

NADAL: He will be missed because he's a great person. I knew him well for being a friend of Carlos Moya has always been one of the players closest to me. It is sad when the great people retire. I wish him well in his new life. I also know that he's getting married soon, so I wish him well in that, too.

7. Ana Ford: Hi Rafa. Aesthetically I love the shirt you're wearing at the AO, but it seems impractical at the time of play. Do you find it uncomfortable?

NADAL: No, no. it's all right. I'm just sweating a lot, but I don't think it's the shirt

8. Antonio Espejo: In the first round we saw how is it when the rival retires. The feeling is hard to withdraw in the middle of a game due to physicalcondition , but what do you feel when you're the one who is retiring at rival? Do you can even lead to loss of concentration to see the opponent's discomfort? Good luck and encouragement!

NADAL: I'm always focused on the game. If the opposite player is injured, for me the game does not end until the last point. If not, things can get complicated.
9. Carlos: Hi, Rafa. Is the court slower than last year or the same? Thanks and congratulations on your victory.

NADAL: More or less the same. It is slower than that of the U.S. Open, but not from last year

10. Martina López: Hi Rafa. You played a match against Cilic on hard courts in 2009 and he won. Do not you think that has gone down a bit? What bothers you most about his game?

NADAL: Yes, I remember that match. It is the only one we played at ATP and he won in two sets. I do not think he's gone down. he's 15 in the world! But it is true that he's the potential for Top 10 or even Top 5. He is very good.

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