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'If I do well here, almost four weeks I will not compete'

1. Penélope Serrano: Hi, Rafa. Congratulations, because I loved your ad campaign with Armani. Can you tell us more details about the shooting? Do you feel pressured to be the successor to Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo? Are your friends making many jokes? Thank you very much and many kisses.

Nadal: Thank you very much. It may have surprised many people because I had not done this before. The session took place in Palma and I was alone, I'm referring that Megan Fox wasn't there. Armani is a very good brand with a global image. I am very happy with the result

2. Amparo de la Concepción: What's going on with women's tennis? Why the great promises of women's tennis come from other countries and here they don't get aid from the federation? Are you past big names in sports see the future of tennis? Without aid there is no future.

Nadal: I do not know, the truth I only keep in touch with Spanards and some other international players with whom I get along very well, as Kim Clijsters and Ana Ivanovic. I do not know how's the situation with the federations.

3. Yola: I saw that this year you didn't have much of vacation due to lack of time between advertising commitments, the charity matches with Federer, etc. Do you think that can affect your performance at some point in the season? Kisses and good luck.

Nadal: I don't think so, because it happened to me before. If I do well here in Australia, I have almost four weeks without competing getting some rest, but not much because then I have to train for the spring American tour in Indian Wells and Miami. When things go well better not change. Furthermore, this is the calendar.

4. Jorge de Antonio Escribano: Rafa good afternoon. As a great admirer of yours, as an example of great athlete, I would ask you not for your professional success, but as a person. Do not you think that this level of competitiveness and demand moving in professional sports can make you lose the true values of sport for young children starting now? Nothing more, good luck with your career.

Nadal: Thank you very much. No, I don't think so. Depends on the education that children receive from parents, teachers, coaches. The important thing is that the child is having fun, they know that sport is fun. The professional track and competitiveness come later. They must be taught to have fun on the track, to know how to win and know how to lose. That's important, especially in tennis, where one almost always loses.

5. José C: Hi Rafael. Sometimes I've seen you stumble or fall when you go for a ball. However, you fall in such way so you do not get hurt. I would like to ask you if the form to fall is practiced it as part of a training. Thanks.

Nadal: No, I don't trained how to fall, but it is clear that when we fall we do so not to get hurt. But when you twist something ... Believe me you do not train at all ...

6. Eliseo García (Tenerife): The question is if you see a possibility for Federer to win the title after he suffered against Simon. And how you see the other Spanish players to advance beyond the third round.

Nadal: Federer is always a contender for the title . The Spanish look good and strong. Nico and Fer struggled in their previous matches, but in the third round everything was better. I hope we all continue for ahead.

7. Alejandro Peiteado Valderrama (Melilla): Rafa, it's very normal to see many athletes who, once retied, lead their life to the world of television. Do you see yourself doing in the future as they now do commentator Tomas Carbonell, Alberto Berasategui or Corretja in his day?

Nadal: I personally see myself involved in sport but do not know at what level. The TV is an option, but do not know. I expect it'll hard to make a decision like that.

8. Alba Salas: This t o have a doctor's office is genial. Thus, at least, some time to the year I will be able to contact with you, haha. Two months ago was celebrated here (Seville) the National Master of Tennis. It was genial and the lovers of the tennis enjoyed ita lot. But I think that, upon being the only tournament that gathers Spanish players, should have more importance. Why if the Copa del Rey in football is an inescapable commitment and, is more, desired by the different teams (better or worse), but in tennis it's not the same? Although 'Ferru' played a great role... we miss you (at least me!). Hope that you come next year. You are invited

Nadal: Thanks. It is difficult with the current schedule to meet all tennis tournaments and commitments. You see a question above where I say that I have not taken a vacation, and the truth is that I did not have a break. Becuase National Masters tournament doesn't give point, that's why it's more difficult to go. I've played other times and sure I'll play again, but earlier this year and I found it impossible.

9. Franco Jiménez (San José, Costa Rica): Hi Rafa. There already have been several Grand Slam tournaments in which you have to start on the second day of competition, while several of your opponents, like Federer or Djokovic start from the first day. This means that in any round you will be playing on consecutive days while they have day off. How is this decided by a draw?? Would you prefer rest all the same? I hope to be healthy all year to watch you play and enjoy it. Greetings.

Nadal: Yes, but I also had a one extra day off at the start of the tournament. This is true. It is not us who decide the schedule but the tournament and often with requests for TV, sponsors, ATP, etc.. I know it is difficult job. Anyway, you have to win seven games to win the tournament ...

10. Sandra Morán: As everyone knows, the last event on the Foundation was a great success.Congratulations! Do you plan another event and what would be the date?

Nadal: Yes, we are worked on it but don't know the date yet. And notify in a moment. What we achieved was thanks to all the support.

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