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 I was wondering about the Elmundo checked the first few days but saw nothing, thought he broke his tradition, until Reader Amy sent me the links..

'I do not think back to have another chance to win 4 consecutive Grand Slams

Elmundo Blog  in Spanish

1. Miguel Angel Douglas (Monaco)Hi Rafa.Congratulations on all you've got and get you in the future and adapt to all surfaces. What would it mean to you to win the fourth consecutive Grand Slam and get up to Rod Laver and Budge? What these so for another formidable challenge?

Nadal:I know it's one thing long ago but nobody can tell you the truth and think about it. Everyone, all the press asked me about it but the most important thing is just to play here and try to do well. If I win more and if you get this record as perfect because I do not think you can have this opportunity again.

2. Hugo Perez (Santander)Federer said he was puzzled why so far thus sacastes so well that you are giving. I ask you the same thing sacastes Why not before that? Why Technical and confidence as your friend says Roger?

Nadal:Because it costs me more than him. There are many things to do and now was my time. Anyway, you never know if after going worse. It is easier to everything from outside, of course.

3. Dani Cabornero (Gijón)As watchword of Spanish sport you are and great Real Madrid. Do you have time in these big tournaments to see your team? Do you think it Romont the distance of four points in the league? . Good luck and lots of encouragement, superchampion.

Nadal:I love football and almost always get to see at Mallorca, Madrid and Barca. I love all the games. However, nearly all the second round so we'll see what happens ...

4. Irene Racine (Budpest)I went to see you in Madrid in the charity match with Federer and loved it. I'm a big fan of yours for your humility, your generosity to others and everything we've made to vibrate in your career. Is it critical for you to keep the world number one and win the bigger the better in this year you start? Do you see as the greatest player of all time or it is too early?

Nadal:Thank you very much. For me the key is to be physically fit and have a chance of winning.

5. Mark Solberg (Madrid):Congratulate you once again for the great champion you are. Almost always I have heard that these first round games will cost you more out sometimes because you're not yet in competition at 100%. You see videos to study to know the strengths and weaknesses of your rivals or more or less you already know them all? Do you give advice your uncle Toni about these aspects of rivals almost unknown?

Nadal:I do not watch videos but sometimes if I've done. Also some points for Youtube and such.And of course I hear what Toni says. Process and try everything on the track after I serve.

6. Angel CabreraBeat you in tennis is like beating a path myth the legend, they all do his best. Is it different preparing for a grand slam for what two weeks compared to other tournaments and five sets? Do not get tired of always having to do his best in every tournament?

Nadal:Is somewhat different because the matches are longer but also varies widely. And you always have to make the most of itself. This sport is very difficult and very competitive.

7. Ernesto Somoza (Guayaquil)Have there been any change in your preparation for this season over the previous, which gave you such great results? What do you think you need to get?

Nadal:No, I simply had less time off. Little more. Has hardly been all season because it has been more or less continuous. A lot to get me but I always say is important as well and be able to compete.

8. Inés Martínez. (Jaén)I hope you have fun and we have fun as much as last season. This season start as a great reference. I guess every day is a challenge for you to be better than the previous day. Do you have more fun playing tennis every day while more better? Better yet last season?

Nadal:Thank you very much. I hope so. I love competing and I love my sport. I do not know if it is fun but if the competition is unique for me. And everything can be improved so that I can say is it will be very hard not to improve, just call or repeat of 2010. But I assure you I will try, that or if.

9. Marta San Gil (Alcobendas)I hope you've rested, well you deserve after an amazing year as number one. Who will be the main rivals this year? Is there any news? Do you have a thorn?

Nadal:I think ever. Suddenly do not know if there will be some surprises. It always happens. We'll see. Here in Australia there is usually always something new. No spine. All right.

10. Maria Giner (Alicante)Del Potro is back, Djokovic, Murray and some others besides Federer, whom he looks much stronger physically remain in the top of his tennis. Do you think so ably Del Potro to reach the level again? Is it more difficult each year to surprise opponents with these great new things?

Nadal:Could be. You have to see how it evolves back to the competition. Is difficult. But it's good for tennis that back.

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