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It was a mistake to buy my James Bond car
Rafael Nadal

Rafa, with all the equipment and bags you have to juggle, I wonder which you have lost or misplaced most often - your phone, your wallet, or your watch? Christy

Hello Christy. I tend to lose both my phone and my wallet from time to time. It is not always in my bag so I go crazy. But yeah, that would be the first place to look in.

Hi Rafa, Glad you are feeling great again. I can't wait to cheer you on in every match in Australia. My question is - As you travel around the world so much do you ever suffer from jet lag and if not what are your tips? Muchas Gracias for the most amazing 2010. VAMOS! Sharon Davies, London

Many thanks Sharon. Yes I do suffer from jet lag but not that much. In any case that's why we also come early, to get use to it and be ready. No tips, just try to sleep at the right time.

Hi Rafa! My question is what do you think about when you sit down at the change of ends? Is it only about the next game or the match in general? Good luck at the Open! Jan, UK.

It depends. I think mostly on what I have to do in the next points analyzing what I have done before. But it depends on the situation and how the match is going. Mainly I try to stay focussed.

Hola Rafa! The pictures we saw of you during your time in India working with your foundation are some of the happiest I have seen of you. Can you briefly describe what it means to you to see the results of your foundation and the people it helps for yourself? Wooffs, England

Many thanks. I think it is very important to do things for the ones who most need help. In my case I love kids and I had the chance through my foundation with the help of my mother to help kids there. Very good and positive experience considering they are probably happier than other people in our part of the world that have almost everything. A good lesson to learn.

Hi Rafa! Good luck at the Australian Open! Do you get much time to drive your Aston Martin, and does it make you feel like James Bond? Love Sam

Thanks Sam. No not much time and to be honest with you a mistake to have bought that car.

I'm curious how you decide which members of your family travel with you to your tournaments? Do you have a limited number of seats available to you for your matches? Thanks! Kelly

It is them who decide. Up to them. I like them to have them around but it is their decision. I travel with my time for work. And yes we do have a limited number of seats. Here at this tournament they are really nice.

Hi, Rafa. Thank you for blogging again. Last year in Australia, you said you might try to keep track of the distance that you travelled during the year. Did you count your kilometers in 2010? If so, what was the (approximate) total? Best wishes for great success Down Under!  Cynthia in the U.S.

Ouch, I didn't. I have to do it this year.

Dear Rafa! I noticed that you have had a number of different doubles partner over the last few years (congratulations for winning Doha with Marc Lopez by the way!). Just want to ask out of the players you have not yet played doubles with, who would you like to team up with? Best of luck in Australia! Qing Qing, China

Roger Federer.

Dear Rafa, I'm a huge fan of yours! I saw your photos coming to Melbourne and notice Maymo is playing with an ipad. Do you play any games on the ipad or is playstation still your favourite? All the best for the Australian Open! Wendy Pan, Melbourne

I do. I am playing these days Gran Turismo.

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