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Video Interview with Rafa

12/02/2010Rafaholics TM

Rafa gets interviewed by The interview is totally in Spanish. But how busy does this man want to be in the off season? Us blogger's & tennis enthusiasts the same need a serious break..Can you imagine how the players feel? Please Rafa go somewhere hot & relax!

Video Interview:

REPORTER:Hello Rafa congratulations.You have been the person with the most votes from the readers of magazine.What does mean to you?

RAFA:For me it's an honour and want to thank all the readers and tha AS magazine for choosing me from all the competition that we have in this country today and we can enjoy all the victories that spanish sport is giving to all the fans and I am like one more fan and also a sportman.

REPORTER:You have had a fantastic year and only needed the Masters Cup.What is the difference between 2009 and this year for it to be a Nadals year?

RAFA:No 2009 was a great year only that finished badly with physical problems,personal problems and it got a bit complicated and 2010 has been great I had to leave the Australian Open with problems in my kness and I was a bit down but I satrted this year very well until two days ago when I lost the Masters cup.Everything has been unforgettable and with a lot of emotion because I came back from a complicated time

REPORTER:You have become part of history like the tennis man that won the four big ones.What are your new inspirations?

NADAL:I try everyday to do things better and my goal is to win tournaments

REPORTER:Can you comment on this photo?What was going on in you head here?NADAL:It was very emotional moment,I didn't expect to win here but I was playing at my best level and the photo shaws all the effort I had put in over the past.

Nadal: "Last year was complicated, it has been unforgettable '
The Spaniard tennis player looks at what has changed from the past year that this has again become "an unforgettable and exciting year." Nadal coincide in pointing out his victory at the U.S. Open as the highlight of the year and leaves with special dedication to the readers of sports daily AS

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