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Retirement Sendoff for Moya by Nadal

12/02/2010Rafaholics TM

Nadal and 1,400 people send off Carlos Moya
The Balearic Government organized a sumptuous farewell tribute to Carlos Moya, with 1,400 people who packed the Trui Teatre de Palma, with an outstanding master of ceremonies: Rafael Nadal.

The ATP's number one sat in the front row between Carolina Cerezuela, Moya's partner, and Francesc Antich, president of the Balearic Government. "He's a megacrack as a player on the circuit and as a person. I'm proud to be able to follow his footsteps and I can not forget the Davis Cup final in Seville in 2004, when Carlos winning the first match against Fish gave me peace and took the pressure off my tie with Roddick, "said Nadal, who appeared on stage with his uncle Toni.

On the orders of Uncle Toni, Rafa will start preparing the season 2011, in Manacor, "on Monday or Tuesday," confirmed said Toni Nadal (I love how the practices always get bumped back a day or two). "I have no idea of where we'll begin, but we will work especially on the serve and physical preparation," Toni Nadal also said. Joan Forcades will be busy with the ATP number 1.


Moya was said be "surprised" and "excited" by the reception. In the Teatre Trui whole family gathered for Rafa Nadal, much of the Balearic Government and numerous Mallorca footballers, led by Serra Ferrer, Miguel Angel Nadal and striker Webó. Moya received numerous honors farewell in person or via video from all of his coaches (Porta, Pearls, Bosch ...) and Santiago Segura, Café Quijano, Juan Carlos Ferrero. It concluded with a screening of the documentary "See you Later, Lucas", by Tomeu Terrace. Joining all the cheers with genuine fervor of the audience for Moya, followed step by step by Rafael Nadal Parera.


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