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Rafa Nadal Joc Fora Channel 4: "It was the year that I played better"


TENNIS - The program Fora Joc, Channel 4 has issued Monday, and repeated on 31, a special program in world tennis number one, Rafael Nadal. The Mallorcan tennis player answered questions from Juan Antonio Bauza, presenter and director of the program, which was also present his tennis coach and uncle, Toni Nadal.

The Spaniard began reviewing the year 2010, a season that has established itself among the greats of world tennis to become the seventh player in tennis history to win all four Grand Slam: "It was the year that I played better in all tournaments. The two worst were Cincinnati and Shanghai. At the beginning of the season he played well, but I did not win. Tennis was fine, but mentally I was not one hundred percent. Being number one in the world, at Roland Garros was a surprise. Came earlier than expected. The important thing is to be calm, whether the results are good, as if they are bad. "

A diagnosis of the season that was echoed by his coach, Toni Nadal: "The balance is very positive. We'll sign on it, for sure. The level of tennis was very good. Only in Shanghai, Toronto and Cincinnati did Rafel not play well. "

Then, after a highly successful season, was asked about the year 2011: "I think we're arriving well to the Open de Australia, although there have not been many holidays. The years go by and you need rest to arrive with the enthusiasm and motivation. It is important that playing does not become a routine and that you still have the desire ['illusion] to win. "

Toni Nadal answered in the same vein: "He lacks the Open in Doha and Australia. What he's already won, it's there in the trophy case, but Rafel must be motivated to win every tournament. He has prepared well and has played matches against Federer at a good level. "

A 2011 season in which, apparently, and if his health permits, Rafael will participate in the Davis Cup as part of the Spanish team: "I always want to play the Davis Cup. I love playing on a team and defend my country, but sometimes not positive. In the Davis Cup there are surfacechanges that may be harmful to tennis and physical level. The previous week you can be playing on clay and seven days later on a hard court. One option would be that Davis was like a World Cup. This would make it possible for the best players in the world could participate. "

On the other hand, Rafael Nadal was critical of the mandatory number of tournaments to be played to try to stay in the elite of world tennis: "I'm not complaining that the schedule is long, but of how obligatory tournaments are. You have to be well all season. If you can not attend a 1000 Masters, you lose 20% of the bonus, if you skip two, you lose 60%, if you miss three, you get no bonus. We understand that protects the tournament, but it is unfair. "

On the reduction of tournaments during the season, Nadal was clear: "They have rights and it is very difficult, legally and ethically get tournaments out of circuit when they have invested in tennis. Again, I'm not complaining that the schedule is long. "

On his great rival and friend Roger Federer only had words of praise: "It's very hard to be always well mentally and physically, you can not always be one hundred percent. In 2008 Federer was finished and in the second half of 2009 it seemed I would never win anything again. "

The player from Manacor, a big football fan, has invested in Real Mallorca last summer and became a shareholder in the club. The world number one has his own opinion on Majorca today: " I made a contribution and today we are better off than people might have imagined. The start has been positive and let's hope we don't endure hardships. "

Finally, the world number one would not enter into polemics with the Balearic government regarding the breach of contract: "I am delighted to have represented the Balearic Islands. It's a shame that my image could not be exploited more. I will continue promoting the Balearic Islands, Mallorca, Manacor, because that's where I am from. "

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