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Nadal returns to action against Belgium 
Nadal is the number one Spaniard at Charleroi against Belgium, from March 4 - 6 as he has promised the captain Albert Costa
A Rafael Nadal, after completing the Grand Slam in New York, he just need the Masters Cup and TMS of Cincinnati, Shanghai and Paris as attractive challenges still missing on his "titles." But for now, the Spaniard has been re-aligned in the Davis Cup in 2011, after having been low in five of the last seven rounds.

Nadal is the number one Spanish at Charleroi against Belgium, from March 4 to 6 . So he has promised the captain Albert Costa and therefore will take a month off from circuit tournaments between Australia and Indian Wells.

The return of the Balearic Islands is one less problem for the coach, who only has to call three others to accompany him. Costa, who has been following his players in Valencia and in the masters tournament in London will travel to Melbourne Park in January before making the first call of the year. In the captains' meeting he will propose the presence of Hawkeye in qualifying for fast indoor courts.

So, the first half of the year looks like Abu Dhabi:
Doha (January 3)
AO (January 17-30)
DC (March 4-6)
IW (March 7-20)
Miami (March 21-Apr 3)
Monte Carlo (April 11-17)
Barcelona (April 18-24)
Madrid (May 2-8)
Rome (May 9-15)
RG (May 23-June 5)
Queens (June 6-12)
Wimbledon (June 20-July3)
Looks like no Dubai..
Vamos Rafa!

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