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Rafa to play golf tournament? NOT


According to this article Rafa will play a golf tournament? 

Rafa Nadal will play the 2011 Iberdrola Open

Rafa Nadal has accepted the invitation that has studied the organization of Iberdrola Open and will play their first golf tournament on the European Tour from 12 to 15 May in the field of Pula Golf. Nadal, common in pro-ams on the European Tour tournaments are played in Spain, thus facing a new challenge other figures in tennis have tried, with little luck.

According to Manolo Benjumea, MatchGolf representative and director of the tournament: "The presence of Rafael Nadal among the participants of Iberdrola Open a new dimension to the tournament and will carry the image of Majorca to all corners of the planet. Take this opportunity to thank Carlos Costa, Rafa representative, and Charlie Brooks, Nike's our good friend, for making it possible for Rafa to be with us. "

Nadal is aware of the difficulties facing this new challenge and do not want to repeat the sad results of other tennis stars who have dared to play a professional golf tournament (remember the fiasco of Yevgeny Kafelnikov, sunk in the last place Russian Open 2005). To do this, Rafa Nadal will take the time in the U.S. (where played the two Masters 1000 March on hard courts, Indian Wells and Miami) to train fully with his friend Fred Couples at the Madison Club in La Quinta.

In the month of April will go to Monte Carlo tournament and return to the Conde de Godo, and then try to refine his game in Mallorca land. Later, take advantage of the short break ground this season of ATP (defend title in early May in Madrid and Rome) to play in Mallorca Open Iberdrola before focusing his attention on Roland Garros.

Charlie Brooks, director of communications for Nike Western Europe, has confirmed by telephone that the American brand has turned to the initiative and believes that the participation of Rafael Nadal in the Open Iberdrola is a great opportunity to reinforce the image of Nike Golf lackluster 2010 season after its main supporter, Tiger Woods.

However, despite the interest caused by the presence of Rafael Nadal in the tournament, and we could not collect the first negative impressions. First, a high-level amateur player who prefers to remain anonymous said he does not understand how it is possible that an 8 handicap amateur receives an invitation to play a professional tournament on the European Tour. On the other hand, Toni Nadal, Rafa's uncle and coach, has hinted that he has bridged some explosive statements were issued yesterday in the newsletter of the twelve o'clock Mallorca Radio.

"Carlos [Costa] and Rafael have to ride roughshod our planning throughout the year on a whim. We can not disperse our attention in this way in the most important moment in the career of Rafael. There will be time later for golf, if desired, "said a visibly upset Toni Nadal.

It is expected that Rafa Nadal, who yesterday made public its tennis calendar for 2011 at its official website, give a press conference today in Pula Golf Hall accompanied by Romeo, chairman of Iberdrola Open field headquarters to officially announce its participation in the tournament.

Also according to the site yesterday was the Spaniards April Fools day.. So I'm guessing the article was a joke..Im posting it regardless thought it was funny!

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