My wish for 2011 is to be happy and be healthy


" I wish I was on vacation , but have already completed two weeks ago, now there is time, 29 I go to start 2011 and the beginning of the year is important and I make a special dream.It was better to continue working.
Manacor is my home and where I have all my family, my friends and people I know in a lifetime. Today I trained, I woke up on at 08.30, got up at 09.30, to 14.30 ... I had to cook, my mother is in Madrid with the preparations for the match against Roger Fededer in Madrid. I cooked pasta, then in the afternoon I did some exercise.
I'm not going to the movies much, but I like it. I like being with friends, playing golf and playing football with friends. To see if this weekend I'll see Social Network.
When I can rest break to play tennis , but now is not the right time. If things go well in Australia will not play anything until Indian Wells , to play and Davis Cup. So Davis Cup play or not play, I want to be physically fit, and that is my intention from the first round.Although I may not Spain has a very complete team, we have players that play well on all surfaces. That's a comfort to all and for me too "
"Both in Spain and Switzerland people have turned to the charity match. We must thank the people and media support. It's a nice project we look forward to both Roger Federer and me. I am proud to help.
As you know, my mother is carrying the Rafael Nadal because engo long time, but whenever I can I'm waiting. I'm thrilled, if through my image I can help I'm happy, but today I have a lot of work playing tennis, which is an important part of my life. I have my mother and my team working on the Foundation and this will be an important part of my future. I have to thank all those who are helping me. I have a special fondness for children, we focus a lot on them, are the main thing . The more income we have, the more we can help .
The competition is competition within the track . Tennis is a spectacle, a game and that is the end . We shake hands when the game ends and The following day is a normal game.Roger Federer is someone to admire in many facets .Despite everything that has won continues to improve and that's why it takes so long up there. It is also an excellent person and it shows that we have never had any problem between us. I feel for him is a lot of respect. I learned to appreciate the rival .
It started one day and can end any doubt. If you climb up the long fall may be very large . Nor do I make something incredible victories and the defeats do something dramatic . In 2009 I had a complicated issue, Lesina and family issues that needed time to assimilate. Knee injuries, the abdominal, but I thought I got the end of the race. Reached semifinals playing very badly, and thought that we just have to improve going to win tournaments. And winning once is much easier to win ... and that's what happened. I never thought that the public has punished me , upside down, supported me. I do not usually read a lot of press, but I do not think that I have criticized. The criticism is part of the sport and you will not be affected . Suddenly it seems that you will not win anything and suddenly it seems you are the best ever.
Toni Nadal is very important in my career , someone decisive, but the recovery from last year I am, I had hope to overcome the problems I had. Then I have a great environment, my family has been supportive, and then my friends who are always there and help me to forget at times distracted and problems. My friends help me back to earth .Being is something Manacor priceless . Here I have a normal life. Here I am not the tennis player Rafael Nadal, I'm one more . We are extremely fortunate to have time to stability and calm.
It was the best season of my career and I played my best tennis . The difficult moments last year helped me a lot to improve. This year I've done my best tennis in Monte Carlo, I do not think I played better on land, only at Roland Garros in 2008.
I got very ill prepared for the Beijing Olympics and the week before I remember that very badly trained. Very tired, very slow ... but it came from the ceremony and adrenaline rush there and played great tennis on fast track . Being in the Olympic Village meant a memorable and beautiful. I am a super fan of the sport and get to know the other athletes, to live with them. The IOC should pay more for all athletes who come to the Olympics, and I do not mean me.
My goal is the same as always, is to enter the Masters in London, then we'll see what happens. If I'm in London is that my season has not been bad . I have understood that there is a little empty so it comes back , Tennis quarry . Let us hope that things will change and go over Spanish champions. We're still young career age ... not so much. We are a country with a tradition of great tennis and I hope they come out.
Scary to see that I won three Grand Slams in a row, and scared to know I can win fourth straight in Australia . Between now and the tournament can be many things but I can not deceive you, I have a great illusion.Afrontaré it as another game and a unique opportunity.
I was surprised negatively Cilic , Del Potro will be up, Gulbis seemed that started but after the rupture of fibers ... let's see how it starts this year. "Del Potro and ortho? I apologized and said it was not necessary, but sometimes what happens to talk, you can shut your mouth. Were others in Argentina and won.
Sometimes I've felt tired of the competition, yes. The calendar is not inhuman, inhumane are other things. But the fight to reduce the schedule itself to embarrassment and tired, but will be reduced. The calendar is the wrong focus for the players. This schedule has to have short careers . If all we are working to help future generations will be satisfied. We played with too much tension for the accounting of the ranking and tournament dates. Vengo dreamed a year and within a week ... I start from scratch . No time to unwind .
In cycling week in and week out cases of doping ... and does great harm to the sport and create doubts in athletes. I hope that Alberto Contador for clarification , I believe in him, but everything is terrible for others. It is very hard to run a Tour de France, it is inhuman, but instead of running in 4 hours runs in 7, or put shorter stages, but do not cheat. It gives a bad image, it vitiates the young ... and all the other athletes are looked through magnifying glass because of some. I hate everything that is happening with doping and it happens in Spain is very bad for our image .
I do not like being pursued. I have to say every day of the year where I am and if I feel like today I have to go to Sardinia and send a paper notice. But why do not I have the freedom to do what I want? It seems a terrible attack on privacy. I have to be willing but I hate it. We reached extremes that are intolerable. I play at 15.00 against Tsonga in Paris-Bercy and 7 knock on my door to make me an anti-doping control . It is intolerable . What are we playing? Is my girlfriend in bed, look a little if you want too . I blame it all cheaters, and leaders like him fame.
I can improve a lot . My serve, my backhand and my positición on the track. I've improved, yes, but I need more. I'll play until my body allows me and my head .
Best serve, Karlovic, the best right is of Federer, Nalbandian better upside down, the best volley of Stepanek. The best physique I do not know ... is not determinative, is very close to the head, but I'm one of the best. The best mentality ... Federer has a shiny head. I'm the best, maybe if we all, I have a high average score in all ... and that means I'm where I am. I'm not the best at everything but take out the better half and I have a fairly balanced game. As an actor ... not so much.
My wish for 2011 is to be happy ... and be healthy. Merry Christmas. Happy 2011 "

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