Rafa Chats with Maradona Translated

12/03/2010Rafaholics TM

I uploaded this to my youtube account a few days ago & have some translations .. wondering if anyone who's more fluent in Spanish than I am if they agree with the last of Maradona's sentence? Cus that is a bit weird!

Rafa Nadal: 'Encantado de conocerte, de verdad' / 'Nice to meet you, sincerely'
D.A. Maradona: 'Igualmente. Yo te voy a ver en cualquier parte del mundo' / Nice to meet you too. I' going to see you to play in any part of the world
Rafa Nadal: 'A ver si coincidimos un día y entrenamos o lo que sea' / It would be nice to coincide one day and we train together or do something
Toni Nadal: 'A ver si le enseñas algo de fútbol que él es un fanático' / It would be nice that you were teaching something to him of football. He is a fanatic.
D.A. Maradona: 'Cuando quieras' / Of course, when you want
Rafa Nadal: 'A ver si vengo a Argentina y hacemos un partidillo' / It would be nice if I go to Argentina and we play a little match
D.A. Maradona: 'Exacto. O cuando tú tengas o él, algo para hacer, alguna beneficiencia, para hacer un fútbol o tenis, a disposición. ¿De acuerdo?' / Exactly. Or when you have or he, something to do, some charity, to do a football or tennis, I will be to your disposition, ok?
Rafa Nadal: 'Perfecto. Y muchas gracias por la camiseta y por la pelota que me enviaste el otro día' / Perfect. And thank you very much for the vest and for the ball that you me sent another day
D.A. Maradona: 'Al contrario, al contrario. Yo quería la muñequera y la cinta' / Of nothing, of nothing. I wanted the watch-strap and the tape of the hair.

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