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Nadal agreed with the Govern the "partial termination" of the use of his image
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The tennis player Rafael Nadal has agreed with the Balearic Government , the " partial termination "of the active use of player image in the way they had been producing in 2009 and 2010. Both sides, Nadal and the Government had an agreement for three years (2009 to 2011) by the then available Ibatur the possible use of the image and presence of an active player in the promotion of the Balearic Islands in the world.

However, a change of Balearic tourism strategy due to budget cuts and understanding of the athlete Mallorca, make both parties reach a new agreement whereby the tourism agency will continue to use the image of the player in a new collaborative environment to December 2011.

The Government will make a disbursement of an amount that would be earmarked for projects and social projects identified in the islands by the player. The representative of tennis 'Spaniard', Carlos Costa, will explain how the image of Nadal after the new arrangement.

"Ibatur understood that the use of the image of Nadal is very favorable for the promotion of tourism in the Balearic Islands thanks to the values transmitted by the athlete in addition to international recognition of it. Balearic Rafa is and feels very proud of it and always has participated actively in promoting the islands by the world and will remain so, "he said.

"With this agreement Ibatur somehow continue using the image of Rafa Nadal for promotion in the world of the islands and turn the consideration shall be given to those most in need here in the islands," said Costa.

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