Fundacion Nadal Benefit Dinner Gala Photos


Rafa Nadal Foundation solidarity evening dresses madrileña Numerosos familiar faces attended the gala dinner to benefit the association that was brightened by Julio IglesiasDespués to dispute one of the most anticipated clashes of these parties, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer put on their best galas to attend the dinner organized by the foundation of the Spaniard in the Crystal Gallery Palacio de Cibeles, Madrid. All proceeds from the banquet, like those collected in the game are the foundation for the player who, since 2007, working on projects to help children and youth with disabilities and from a disadvantaged environment.

Although they are rivals when they have in hand a tennis racket, when it comes to helping others are more united than ever. Therefore, in these special days, the two number ones have joined forces with one aim: to raise money for their respective foundations. For Federer was created to stop the money from the meeting which was organized in Switzerland, while the Spanish stayed with the generosity of his countrymen.

There were many familiar faces who sat at the table of Mallorca, immaculate in a black suit by Armani, the designer who dressed the whole family (the player will image campaigns jeans and designer underwear in 2011), which as one would expect him clothed in this event. Paz Vega and her husband Orson Salazar, Lapique Cari Goyanes Carla and her daughter, Eugenia Martinez de Irujo, José María Aznar and Ana Botella, Eugenia Silva, also Armani, Carolina Cerezuela and Carlos Moya, María León, Nieves Alvarez and her husband Marco Severini, Mar Saura, Vicente del Bosque began, among others, their bit for the cause.

The evening also featured a number one artist, Julio Iglesias who performed for half an hour for the guests, under the watchful eye of her daughter Chabeli. Earlier, Nadal had said he was "delighted" to have the support of Churches: "I was very young admirer and an honor for me and my foundation to have him. I have only words of gratitude to him for his contribution to the dinner


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Again sorry for the delay in posting..Im enjoying myself quite a bit in Spain...

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