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11/28/2010Rafaholics TM

Nadal: "My chances were not very favorable for the track"

Even so, he would not make excuses for the defeat and said that Federer was better than he · It was happy and satisfied with the season Make various hopes to return to the highest level in January

Next week, the Spaniard will work with some sponsors to "do some television commercials, so he said, will be held" almost every day from tomorrow until Monday. "
"Those are my vacation," joked the 2010 Masters final in London after securing a prize of 860,000 dollars (626,700 euros) and a thousand points for their ranking, showing that "after that, I will train. I'll start to do the following Monday. I will practice as well as they know to be ready in January. I'll try to do another year like this. "

Nadal's intention is to train well throughout December to "get to the start of the season with a high level," as in January 2010, but do so with peace of mind knowing you can "win again."

With a "Merry Christmas and thank you all," Nadal said goodbye to a dream season and the most "emotional" for him.


Nadal refused to acknowledge the part his physical condition played in the defeat, instead choosing to heap praise on Federer.

"I think it is not the right moment to talk about that," he said. "Everybody saw the match yesterday, so everybody's free to make up their own opinion.

"But I'm not going to say I lost the match because I was tired.

"What I'm going to say, and what I feel, is I lost the match because I played against a very good Roger Federer on one of his favourite surfaces.

"And when he's playing like this, it is very difficult to stop him.

"I had little chances, I was there, but it wasn't enough. He played unbelievable. I think in the beginning he was unplayable.

"I just can congratulate him for his victory and another great tournament for him."

Nadal Praises Federer, Reflects On "Emotional Season"

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