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Rafa in San Sebastian

11/30/2010Rafaholics TM

Rafa Nadal enjoyed his first day of vacation in San Sebastian. Just a day after falling in the Masters final against Roger Federer, flew from London to Bilbao and from there traveled to San Sebastian with his father, Sebastian, and the player's public relations, Benito Perez Barbadillo.
The morning was busy, as he explained to the gates of the yard Igara Portuetxe of the progenitor of the champion. Rafa Nadal had eaten a sandwich at noon but was hungry and headed to Portuetxe. Nadal entered the establishment on the quarter past four p.m. to the disbelief of the guests, including aizkolari Olasagasti Joxe Mari, who greeted the player.
The father's number one world ranking explained the reason for his visit to San Sebastian. "Rafael has several businesses in Gipuzkoa and come with some frequency. Here we are very comfortable. We like to go unnoticed. " The number one ranking he enjoys his vacation after months and months on the basis of thousands of fans and media. Therefore, the environment of the player he was reluctant to pose, very politely and sympathetically in the first instance. But Nadal is idol of the masses not only for his tennis but also their way of being, easygoing and friendly. And finally there was impromptu photo and chat. "We ate wonderfully. Mushroom scrambled eggs, vegetables and meat, all washed down with txakoli "Rafa recounted the environment. The player is put under his belt asparagus and a steak.
Good menu to recover from a celestial campaign but terribly hard on the physical plane. The Spaniard admitted in Donostia he felt tired at the tournament in London but not in psychological terms, because the break after Wimbledon had been pearls.

Real Madrid confirmed
The food in Portuetxe had substance. The Spaniard is a confessed Real Madrid and could not take his mind off the Barcelona-Real Madrid to take place hours after a meal.
He spoke by telephone with former goalkeeper Julen asteasuarra Lopetegi, who informed him that Gonzalo Higuain would not hold. Despite its low was due to physical problems, Nadal was clear. "This is a ploy by Mourinho, there is something fishy here," said the player in the party in Igara grill. It is confirmed: the champions Mou worship.
During the meal, Nadal said he planned to enjoy seven days off finally have stayed at three because of commitments. Among them, a charity match with Roger Federer in the Magic Box in Madrid.
But this was no time for sorrow. I was in San Sebastian, a city that feels comfortable. So was the monotema.
Classic. Nadal spent the night in San Sebastian. Did not disclose where, but acknowledged that he had found the formula to enjoy the cuisine of San Sebastián without losing sight of Xabi Alonso, Cristiano Ronaldo, Casillas and company. The trouble is that after enjoying a great day in San Sebastian, nine suffered from the beautiful with the bath his team Barcelona to the soul.

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