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11/30/2010Rafaholics TM

Rafa & Charly Moya get interviewed on Spanish radio with CadenaSer
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Rafa & Charly

Rafa Nadal, in 'The Rail': "I thought it would be tennis but nothing else, that was just my dream"
One of Madrid and one in Barcelona, the two players, both of Mallorca. Rafa Nadal and Carlos Moya sports chat with José Ramón de la Morena

CADENA SER 12/01/2010

Two tennis career, one that is just and one that is perpetuated at the top. Rafa Nadal and Carlos Moya. The two last great Spanish players have talked on 'The Rail' on their special relationship and many years on the ATP circuit.

On Sunday the tennis season officially ended 2010 with the Masters Cup final, which Nadal could not clinch the title. "It hurt losing the final to Federer, but I finished the year playing well and stay with it " , Rafa explained in the first moments of the interview.

In any case, this latest defeat can not obscure a great year that Rafa was able to finish as number one very prominent and in which he won three Grand Slams. The tennis Manacor has said that "this season has only been comparable to the 2008, but a level of regularity, this may have been the best. "

Both players come from the Ace Awards Gala de los Deportes. Although Rafa has been awarded, the theater has been paid to the career of Carlos, as happened in London. "It was very spontaneous, the public hall has been standing up" and tells Carlos Moya, but then humbly qualifies Nadal was "the winner in that event."

A special relationship

Rafa and Carlos are friends, almost brothers. Asked by José Ramón de la Morena and how they met, both answered in unison: "In Stuttgart!. "And why are the two of Mallorca," he joked Moya, 34. The blame for everything had a kid's brand sharing, which insisted that both ball for a while.

"I heard there was a boy of seven years Mallorca won it all, and that caught my attention", and Carlos first learned of the existence of Nadal. But it was not until five years later when they met. "That was the dream of my life, to rally with him, he could not speak" Rafa explained, ensuring that a child was something shameful.

Over the years they were making friends, as the youngest only peeked in the ranking, the oldest he was teaching and giving advice tournament after tournament. And not only that. Rafa account at that time "was played much to the Play Station"and which he was always losing it. "In Umag lost a bet and I did go out naked and bending." Carlos looks at him and says, "And this year? That almost got kicked out of hotel in the Australian Open. "

"The withdrawal slowly hurts a little less"

Carlos Moya was in 1999 the first issue of Spanish tennis. He won the Roland Garros, he played the final of the Australian Open, and reached the maximum when Sevilla won the complicated Davis of Seville. For several months did not compete and saw that "the end was near."

"I have an injury for more than ten years standing. And with 32 years I decided to have surgery, think everything is going well, but need not be," Charlie assured, knowing it was difficult to return to the front line . But life goes on for him, otherwise very different: "Now, my most important job is my daughter."

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