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Uncle Toni Interview on his take on the whole 2010 season


Feature: Tennis - Masters Cup

Radical change of culture

Despite losing the final, Nadal better understand the fast surface play the rest later and change his position on the track


Rigorous black dress, Toni Nadal leads a workout led by the radiators around the track.Cold in the O2 Arena is intense. The moment is unique. By qualifying for the finals of the Masters Cup, Rafael Nadal underlined his status as player with a thousand faces, and even capable of advancing to the final rounds of the indoor tournament, where he had won a title before (Madrid) and other disputed two ends (Paris-Bercy and Rotterdam).Despite losing to the great Roger Federer, what explains this qualitative leap, beyond the positive momentum generated by a year with three victories in the Grand Slam?


"In 2010, the serve has improved and the understanding of the game on fast track," said the racket in his hand the number one coach. "That said, it seems simple, but it's as if Murray would improve on the ground. Cuesta assimilate it, take the decision to do so, "continues," the track position is better. Not have to compare the match against Djokovic in Paris 2009 with the one here.So poorly did not hit her, but she was back and had trouble keeping the ball in play. Now rest later. That blocks the ball. If you subtract more ago, has the feeling of having more time and control, but the rival is more open track, bigger, because he is in a corner. "
Nadal has won on decision. His desire to control the point is final. You risk more. Strip before. Not satisfied. It is a radical change of culture. Within five days will start the season in which it intends to attack his main goal: winning the Australia Open and win all four majors in a row, the Grand Slam, which nobody has managed since Australian Rod Laver achieved in 1969.
The Spaniard, however, is not content to review what is known. Diligent student, faces Manacor preparedness with many duties.
"In the second serve should increase the speed," explains Toni. "On the reverse, the same thing. It's pretty good, but sometimes loses the thread. You should also subtract the mental leap ahead and try to incorporate the left to play. In that sense, Rafael has a rare skill. When in a great difficulty, has skill. When you left, little, "he adds," Actually, this reflects a mentality that prefers paste is five strokes, knowing they win the point, to take risks and do it in three. Each season, since he was 10 years, talking about the same thing better. The sport, after all, is child's play and so do the same since he was seven, eight or 12 years trying to improve what it does. "
The Nadal and fly to Mallorca. He leaves the number one. He is accompanied by Toni, Rafael Maymo, physical therapist, and Marc Lopez, his sparring partner and friend. At home is the master Joan Forcades, which will refine its physical training. Together we will review a year to remember. "There was only one ugly moment," says Toni, "when he retired in the quarterfinals of the Australia Open. It was a bad time because it followed the same trend: good game, but with suspicion, which led him to decisions at crucial moments. After that there was doubt, as usual. " "Then," he adds, "there were two key moments. Verdasco win in Monte Carlo final months because she had not won a tournament and Soderling in the final in Paris. By then he had taken confidence, but lacked a big plus. To achieve this, and said the season. " The rest is known: a course for history despite staying on the top step of the masters tournament. 

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