davis cup photos practice-photos

Rafa on clay again...DC practice

11/30/2009Rafaholics ™

Nadal: 'One is not always at 100% and you have to accept it'

11/27/2009Rafaholics ™
uncle toni

Uncle Toni Speaks!

11/27/2009Rafaholics ™
interview magazine photos

Interview: Happiness is No 1 objective!

11/21/2009Rafaholics ™
offcourt-photos photos wtf2009

WTF Championships photocall

11/20/2009Rafaholics ™

Rafael Nadal: 'For everybody there are tough moments. This year, mine came'

11/16/2009Rafaholics ™

Interview: 'I've cried enough'

11/15/2009Rafaholics ™
interview magazine

New Interview with Spain's 'The Magazine'

11/13/2009Rafaholics ™
exhibition paris photos

Rafa portrait in Paris!

11/08/2009Rafaholics ™

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